1. As a Co-op Care Member, see ‘Become a Member' above, you can then access “MiVoyce” free of charge. We at Co-op Care have an exclusive opportunity with “MiVoyce”, a national online patient advocacy company based in Minnesota, with whom we network, to offer their advocacy tools to our membership for free (a value of $97/year).
Join the only online training and support community in the US that educates and empowers people to: spot expensive billing overcharges and errors; win insurance appeals; negotiate medical bills down; referral to legal assistance; price-shop treatments; find a doctor; utilize our MN directory of free and low-cost medical, mental health, and dental clinic links, import Rx meds from Canada and England; and take back control of your healthcare.
You can create your profile by clicking here. for the exclusive link.

2. We advise small businesses, and non-profits of all types, on how to obtain your premium subsidy (Advance Premium Tax Credit), if your business, organization, non-profit is eligible.

3. Donations: Co-op Care definitely needs donations in order to sustain operations, organizing, and research.
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Co-op Care: A Prairie HEALTH Companion proposes to be Minnesota’s first large-scale, non-profit, cooperative health insurance pool for individuals, uninsured, co-ops, small businesses, and non-profits. Unlike profit-driven HMOs, our goal is to serve people based on need, and improve the health of our members and the community.

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