Co-op Care Membership Development Letter Welcome to Co-op Care: A Prairie HEALTH Companion Co-op

Dear Prospective Co-op Care Member,

We’re here to serve people, to make it easier for people to afford and meet health care needs., and for people to have more control over their health care. We can do this because we’re becoming a non-profit AND a member owned, operated, and democratically controlled cooperative, and that means you ! We’d like you to become a co-owner of Co-op Care: A Prairie Health Companion. And you can participate in how the Co-op develops to serve you.

Currently we have completed a solid business plan, an extensive feasibility study to estimate our capital start-up costs, and have applied for federal funding. If we receive funding, operational enrollment begins Oct 2013 for the first, large-scale cooperative health insurance pool with extensive benefits in MN. In the meantime We ask you to do some or all of the following:

1. Become a member: You are eligible to become a member/enrollee if you are:
  • Under age 65
  • Purchase health insurance as an individual (single person or for your family)
  • Part of an employer group up to 99 employees (your employer would enroll)
  • Note: 1/3 of our members can enroll even if part of employer group > 99 workers
  • Part of an association e.g. co-op, small business, non-profit, arts, farmer, etc. whose own members can enroll collectively.

Thus, we encourage individuals (including uninsured and underinsured), small to mid-size businesses, co-ops, non-profits, artists, farmers, self-employed, and associations of these to become member/enrollees now.

2. Be a candidate for the board of directors. We meet once monthly in Minneapolis, and trade emails between meetings. The Board is formational until elections can be held. See below.

3. Volunteer e.g. to do Outreach like distribute flyers, regardless where you live.Tell your friends about Co-op Care: A Prairie Health Companion Co-op. Word-of-mouth is most powerful advertising.

4. Share your skills/resources: financial, marketing/outreach, health insurance worker experience, legal, etc

5. Attend our monthly (and annual) meeting if you live nearby.

6. Apply for future employment even if you’re not on the board. This is the core of the co-op. We need you ! 7 board members can’t do all the good work that needs doing. More people more democracy, fun.

7. Vote in the annual Board of Directors elections. We’ll send an email ballot to members with email, and a paper ballot to others. This would happen a year after the Co-op becomes operational. In the meantime, we are creating a temporary Board.

Use our "Contact page", or see the information below to communicate with Coop Care.

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Co-op Care: A Prairie HEALTH Companion proposes to be Minnesota’s first large-scale, non-profit, cooperative health insurance pool for individuals, uninsured, co-ops, small businesses, and non-profits. Unlike profit-driven HMOs, our goal is to serve people based on need, and improve the health of our members and the community.

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